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The gaming industry has changed dramatically over the past half-decade, what was once an afterthought of the sporting world is now the fastest growing segment of the industry. As more money, fans, athletes and sponsors flood the sector there is a growing call for apparel for the teams and players fans love.

Not unlike any other sport, fans want merchandise for their favorite team, and eSports Booth exists to make this possible for every gaming team out there. We provide the medium between your team and its fans. Let us handle all of your eSports apparel.

Our Roots
We started in the eSports industry around 2014, and have grown our brand into one of the biggest apparel names in gaming. It started with an early partnership with one of the biggest names in eSports and we have never stopped growing. Where we move to in the future will be determined by the growth of the industry. We certainly have loved our relationships with eSports brands and teams, but will look to adapt as the sport landscape changes.

Our Future
As eSports expands, so will the scope of our work. By the start of 2018, we expect to expand our reach into the ever-growing world of fantasy eSports. As big as the potential of eSports is, we believe that fantasy eSports, and eventually even wagering on eSports will dramatically trump that.

If you take a look at fantasy football for example, this is a sport that generates far more revenue than any other… roughly $8 billion. Yet, fantasy football is estimated to generate roughly $15 billion in annual revenue and that doesn’t include the money it generates for the NFL directly by increasing viewership and ad sales.

The Future of eSports
We hinted at it earlier, but the future is in fantasy eSports. Look to companies like FanDuel and DraftKings who have already invested a great deal into fantasy eSports. In fact, FanDuel founder and CEO Nigel Eccles recently resigned to shift his attention solely to an eSports project.

Furthermore, there is a legal battle waging in New Jersey that could shake up the current online gambling industry in the United States. If New Jersey wins, states will be able to determine whether or not they want to allow sports wagering, and eSports wagering, in their states. If this were to happen, the number and size of US based sportsbooks would no doubt climb significantly.

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