The popularity of eSports is rising rapidly, with more and more people taking an interest in competitive gaming and looking for new ways to wager on tournaments and win some cash. More and more bookmakers are getting involved in the scene too, offering additional options for everyone who wants to bet on these sorts of games. But how do you get started with eSports betting? This simple betting guide will help to answer that question.

What eSports Will You Bet On?

Let’s start off by looking at some of the individual games you might want to bet on. eSports sets itself apart from other daily fantasy sports by having various games, each with their own leagues, teams and rules. eSports wagers can currently be found for the following games: CS:GO, Starcraft II, DotA 2, League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, SMITE, and Call of Duty. Each game will have its own style of play, so it’s up to you to select one or more games you’d like to follow and learn the rules, systems, teams and more to make the best bets. You can visit a number of bookmaker sites, including Betway, William Hill, Pinnacle, 888sport and many more to wager on these games.

Most bet types in the eSports markets tend to be quite simple. Often, you’ll just be betting on one team winning an individual match. So what are the ways to maximize your profits? Well, the same rules apply in the eSports world as in many other sports. Primarily, you need to be looking for the best value options. This implies doing your own research on players and teams to find bets that offer good odds when compared to the probability that a team is going to win.

This also involves checking multiple bookmakers to find the best odds, rather than just sticking to one. One site might offer odds of 1.9 on Team A winning a match, while another site might offer the same outcome for odds of 1.8, so it’s always important to check as many sources as you can.

Knowledge is King of eSports Betting

Obviously, a key part of placing successful bets is having as much knowledge as possible about the sport, or in this case, the eSport, being played. The good thing about eSports is that there are so many resources to help you learn more. Gamers are constantly uploading videos of their gameplay to sites like YouTube or streaming services like Twitch, allowing you to quickly learn strategies, systems and details of each individual game.

These sites also allow you to keep up with the professional players and see how they’re doing on any given day.

Speaking of players, it’s not enough to simply know how the game is played, you need to have a good knowledge of individual players and teams as well. Successful betting is all about doing your research. Like with other sports, many eSports bettors simply place bets on the teams they like or the teams with the best odds, rather than doing necessary research to find the best value bets.

To find out more about players and teams, there are countless sites filled with data on previous tournaments, allowing you to see individual stats, win/loss records, the career history of each player, and much more. As mentioned above, you can also keep track of players through sites like Twitch or social media to see how they’re doing in the lead up to a tournament.

Understanding the Game

Part of what makes eSports so exciting for spectators, especially in a hugely varied game with lots of possibilities like League of Legends, is that each match is different and players are always coming up with new ways to outthink and outmaneuver their opponents. These strategies are always changing. A system can work flawlessly at one tournament and be completely outdated just a few weeks later.

Once again, this is why constant research is so important. Don’t assume that one team’s strategy is going to work at a future tournament just because it worked at the last one. Keep up to date with other teams’ movements and ideas and learn the way the game works to calculate which strategies have the best chance of success.

We’ve already looked at some of the games you could potentially bet on, but it’s important to know the calendar of tournaments and events as well, so you know exactly when games are going to be played and which teams will be attending. Learning the bracketing structure or competition format of each event is also important, letting you plan out which teams will be playing each other and working out the best value bets. Some of the biggest tournaments include the World Championship Series, Dreamhack, the Electronic Sports World Cup, Major League Gaming, and UMG Gaming, but there are several other events throughout the year relative to each individual game.

Streaming Live Contests

Of course, there’s little use in betting on these competitions if you can’t actually spectate and see how your teams are doing. Fortunately, there are plenty of streaming options for most tournaments. Spectating in person is possible, but given the nature of tournaments and the fact that they are played in countless locations all over the world, this isn’t always possible.

Streaming sites like MLG, Twitch, Hitbox and Steam Broadcasting all allow you to keep up with the action in real-time. Some games even offer in-game services to let you watch tournaments live. DotA 2, for example, features a ‘Watch’ tab in the game client to let fans stream matches as they happen.

With all of this information, you should be much better equipped to start placing bets on eSports titles. This industry is growing at an incredible pace and many experts are predicting that competitive video games will become increasingly popular and important in the years to come, so now is the best time to get involved and get ahead of the game by learning all about the eSports world and finding the best value bets before anyone else.